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Infant Programs

Babies need love and lots of it!!!

We believe that babies need lots of love and nurturing in order to develop into loving and trusting individuals. Almost Home provides a warm and inviting environment where babies not only feel loved, but feel safe and secure.


Babies grow and learn by observing and experiencing their world through active participation with their environment. Our teachers make sure that each day all of our babies are provided with exciting and stimulating activities that challenge and open their sensitivities to the world around them.

We provide age appropriate equipment that encourages curiosity and addresses your babies needs to experience the world through their senses.

Music, literature, and toys that promote gross and fine motor development are incorporated into the program.


Prior to your child’s first day at Almost Home, we invite you and your baby to visit and get to know the teachers who will be taking care of your child. During this visit you will be teaching our staff about your baby. You will share the schedule that works best for your baby, techniques for comforting, feeding, changing, etc. We will then work with you to create an individual plan to assist us in taking care of your baby.

Daily Information Form:

Each day our staff will complete a DAILY INFORMATION FORM, which will detail your child’s daily activities and schedule. This will include naps, feedings, diaper changes, and special activities of the day.


Parents are always welcome to stop in and visit whenever they like and may call to check on their child at any time. There are phones in each classroom so direct conversations with your child’s teacher are easily made. Parents may also chat with the staff in the morning at drop off or at pick-up time. Individual conferences may be made at any time if so desired.


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