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Community Connections

Family Picnics:

An evening for families to join together for socializing and playing while having a potluck meal together.

Babysitting and Fundraising Evening:

Pumpkin Patch serves to the community by doing the fundraising events like babysitting nights. Our teachers contribute their time and the parents are more than happy to bring in their children for a fun night that includes dinner. Fun activities and playful events are planned to keep the children busy while parents have a few hours out and about. Any fund raised through the event is donated to the community for a good cause.

Scholastic Book Fairs:

Scholastic books are displayed for purchase during a multi day fair at Pumpkin Patch.

DRAW ON! Aldrich Museum of Art:

Pumpkin Patch participates in this local art presentation of children. Their works of art pieces are displayed at The Aldrich and also at our center.

Approved Internships:

Students from local colleges are welcome to visit Pumpkin Patch to interview and with approval , they are able to plan for observations or internships within our center.

Approved Volunteers:

Volunteers are welcome to interview with Pumpkin Patch and with approval, plan for a volunteer experience within our center.


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