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Happy Feet Soccer is a program that teaches fundamental soccer skills and works to develop a love of sports and active fitness in our youngest players. Children in HappyFeet improve their balance, coordination, agility and get a great fitness workout in every class. Each child has their own ball – please meet “Bob the Bobcat” – pictured here, so the action is non-stop! And all the children know is that HappyFeet is HUGE FUN … and that’s how learning should be at this age.


As you research the best fitness programs for your child, a few things to consider are:

Are the children active, moving, running and stretching for the majority of the time?

Too many sports programs for preschoolers keep kids standing in line waiting for their turn. This doesn’t work!

Are the children laughing?

If it’s not fun full time, your kids will easily get bored and will not want to play.

Is there a HUGE AMOUNT of positive reinforcement offered the full time class is running?

We take very seriously our commitment to build self-confidence in children and the constant dialogue between coach and class is critical in doing this.


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