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Toddler Programs

The toddler stage is one of constant change, rapid growth, and development. Almost Home provides programs for both younger toddlers ranging from 12-24 months and older toddlers ranging from 24-36 months. Learning occurs in almost every way throughout the day in this age. Almost home provides a program that helps children to follow a daily routine and schedule but allows for flexibility. The children are provided with age appropriate equipment that challenges their innate curiosity. Children are encouraged to explore and discover their environment.

Teachers work to foster group living while at the same time provide the individual attention, love, warmth, nurturing, and consistency which toddlers require for their own sense of security, and their own personal growth and development. Each month teachers will send home a calendar detailing the themes for each week and special activities that are planned each day. Parents will also be provided with daily chart detailing their activities for the day including naps, meals, diaper changes, potty information and special moments of the day for their child.

A typical toddler schedule looks like this:

  • Drop Off
  • Free play
  • Circle time Songs, finger plays, games, stories
  • Bathroom Break Diaper/Potty/Hand washing
  • Snack Almost Home provides a morning and afternoon snack
  • Learning Centers Art, science, imaginative play, blocks, manipulative water play, sensory activities, puzzles, collage, finger
  • painting, cooking, etc.
  • Outdoor Play in our playground, even in the snow!
  • Bathroom Break Clean up for lunch
  • Lunch Parents provide lunch
  • Story Time Always a favorite!
  • Bathroom Break Diaper/Potty
  • Nap Time All our toddlers sleep on cozy cots provided by A.H. (They are only a few inches off the ground.)
  • Bathroom Break Diaper/Potty/Hand washing
  • Snack Something yummy and healthy!
  • Outdoor Play in our playground unless it is freezing or raining!
  • Learning Centers More indoor fun
  • Bathroom Break Diapers/Potty/Clean up to go home
  • Free Play/Pick Up Time to unwind at the end of the day.

Toddler Curriculum

The toddler curriculum uses an integrated core curriculum in which a theme is used as a tool in the planning and development of the program. The themes vary week to week and will incorporate activities related to that theme each week.

These activities include all aspects of the program including:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Gross motor and fine motor development
  • Language development
  • The ability to learn
  • The ability to share
  • The ability to get along with both peers and teachers in positive and constructive ways.

The activities are process oriented and emphasize the process of creating, thinking, exploring, examining, and working with materials that all promote creativity and hands on learning for children.

For example, if the theme for the week is the color red:

  • The children may be asked to wear red clothes.
  • They may finger paint with red paint.
  • Read books about Clifford the Red Dog.
  • Make their own red Jell-O.
  • Learn about the letter R.
  • Eat red apples for snack.
  • Sing songs about the Red Fire Engine.
  • Look for the color red outside in nature.


Everything is integrated so there is meaning. When there are real connections; learning occurs. It is meaningful, fun, and has a long lasting impact on a child’s brain.


Almost Home has an open door policy and parents are always welcome to come in for a visit. Telephones are located in all classrooms and parents may call at anytime during the day and speak directly to a teacher to check up on their child.

Daily Information Forms

Daily Information forms are completed each day and include information on meals, naps, diaper changes or potty time, and special activities of the day.

Progress Reports

Individual Progress Reports will be completed and sent home twice a year. Parents may sign up for parent/teacher conferences at this time as well. However, parents may request a conference as needed at any time during the year.





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