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Our Events

Scholastic Book Fairs:

Scholastic books are displayed for purchase during a multiday fair at Almost Home.

DRAW ON! Aldrich Museum of Art:

Almost Home participates in this local art presentation of children. Their works of art pieces are displayed at The Aldrich and also at our center.

Yearly Art Shows and Receptions:

The children of Almost Home work hard at beautiful pieces of art which are displayed throughout our building. A reception is scheduled for parents to come and view their children’s artistic talents.

Children’s librarian visits and Readings with Diane:

Ridgefield Librarian, Diane, spends 30-45 minutes in each classroom creating a wonderful and enthusiastic storytelling environment for our children at Almost Home.

Grandparent and Parent Special Readers:

Parents and grandparents of Almost Home children are welcome to schedule a time to come to their child’s class to read stories to them.

Approved Internships:

Students from local colleges are welcome to visit Almost Home to interview and with approval , they are able to plan for observations or internships within our center.

Approved Volunteers:

Volunteers are welcome to interview with Almost Home and with approval, plan for a volunteer experience within our center.

Open Houses:

Open house is when all parents are invited to learn about Almost Home’s wonderful program for pre-schoolers.

Halloween Parade and Party:

Halloween holiday is celebrated at Almost Home and invites all children to come dressed in their Halloween costumes to participate in a school wide morning parade through the halls and to gather on the playground of Almost Home. All families are invited and welcome to take the opportunity to take photos of their children. Classrooms host a party and share donated treats.

Thanksgiving Feast:

Thanksgiving at Almost Home is celebrated every year at our center when all our children have a traditional fulfilling lunch. Classroom decorations and a family style seating arrangement give the meal a truly festive feel.

Holiday Parties:

Classroom teachers schedule monthly parties and events. These events are noted within their monthly newsletters and calendars and often posted within the classroom or on a parent board or information center.

Holiday Book Exchange:

During the winter holiday gift giving season children participate in a new and wrapped book exchange with their classmates.

Firehouse Visits:

Preschool 4 classes and/or School age children can participate in a field trip to the local Firehouse to learn about the occupation of a fireman and the service that the firehouse provides to our community. Transportation is provided, with permission from parents, in our Almost Home bus.

Police Station Visits:

Preschool 4 and/or School age children can participate in a field trip to the local police station to learn about the occupation of a policeman and the service that the police station provides to our community. Transportation is provided with permission from parents in our Almost Home bus.

Stop and Shop Visit:

Preschool 4 has the opportunity to tour the local grocery store and become familiar with the inside workings and departments and the services that it provides for our community.

Ballard Park:

Preschool 4 and School Age children can have a field trip to the local playground and park and enjoy a picnic lunch there as well.  Transportation is provided with permission from parents on the Almost Home bus.

Critter Caravan:

Sisters Katherine and Tori bring their knowledge and small animals for viewing and petting. This is an “In house filed trip”.

Family Picnics:

An evening for families to join together for socializing and playing while having a potluck meal together.

Babysitting and Fundraising Evening:

Almost Home serves to the community by doing the fundraising events like babysitting nights. Our teachers contribute their time and the parents are more than happy to bring in their children for a fun night that includes dinner. Fun activities and playful events are planned to keep the children busy while parents have a few hours out and about. Any fund raised through the event is donated to the community for a good cause.

Karate Dance and Movement classes:

Karate, Dance and movement classes are held within our school with a talented and certified instructor for older toddlers and preschoolers. A performance for the parents is held at the end of each session.

Happy Feet Soccer Classes:

Instruction, skills and fun for young children to learn Soccer with the well trained coaches. A soccer class is demoed to parents at the beginning of each session.

Progress Reports:

Bi-annually parents receive a detailed progress report outlining the skills that their children are acquiring within our classrooms. Separate conferences with the directors can be scheduled for one on one discussion about the child’s developmental progress.




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